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We had the chance to donate some floral arrangements for Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. We were so happy to be a part of this event, so glad they asked us to!

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We had the priveledge to work with some local creatives to make some beauty happen! What a fun arrangement on this arch!


Hannah is one of my good friends, and was actually my wedding photographer. I jumped at the chance I could to do her florals for her wedding, and was so thrilled when she asked me to!! Her and Sam make the cutest, happiest, and most giddy couple. Here's to forever, you guys! You're going to love being married! <3

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Just look at all the different textures from these arrangements! I love to add texture to anything I do. It adds character, dimension and variation, and who doesn't love any of that?! I've got all the heart eyes over here!

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The warmth that the sun brings through these images make me so happy, especially with these cold and snowy days lately. I had so much fun working with these reds and burgundies in the bouquet and centerpiece arrangements.

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My main focus for this photoshoot was to make sure that all of the flowers stole the attention of everything else. The bright colors popped against the snowy background, making sure to catch the viewer's eye. This was one of my most favorite themes I've ever done, and I loved having that mindset. Flowers make everything better! ;)


One of my favorite ways to decorate is with real greens. And if you read my previous blog posts, you'll see I like to use my resources around me and forage my own greenery, so my arrangements are the most cost effective!! Here are some of my favorite ways to use greenery. You can never go wrong with it. It's so perfect for the minimalistic bride, or even for the over-the-top bride. It can be used in so many different ways! Here are a list of...


I think we can all agree that blush, burgundy and gold was definitely a top favorite wedding color palette this year! I am even guilty of it myself ;) Here are some of my favorite ways to combine these colors with flowers!

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This was one of the most fun photoshoots I've ever been involved with. I loved the theme, colors and inspiration. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I enjoy foraging outside for my greenery. I foraged all of the greenery from this shoot to use for my arrangements, especially this luscious garland!


Emma and Brad wanted to do their bridal pictures in the snow, so what did we do? We went to the snow! Emma also wanted a monochromatic bouquet, so I foraged some greens from my front yard (inexpensive and easy!) and made the perfect shape for her. Photography by Kate Olson Photo.


I love all things plants, and have found the perfect tips for you to learn to enjoy them too! Here are some examples of how to style indoor plants. One of my personal favorites is hanging plants from the ceiling. It adds a whole new look to your space! This is an easy way to bring life to any space. And plants make people happy, didn't you know? Click here...

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The details make a wedding not only unique but makes a wedding one to be remembered.

Flowers are one of those fine details that can transform a backdrop for a wedding ceremony, head table, sign in table or desert table into a unique and stunning decor area. When picking your florist it is important they work with your planner and designer to insure that the flowers not only work with the look and feel that you are going for. But that...


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